Handbag Injuries That Everyone Has Had At Least Once


First of all, when we are talking about handbag injuries, we are talking about injuries that happen to your handbag and not injuries to people cause by handbags. Although I am sure there are plenty of those also.

So you buy a handbag that you absolutely love and has required you to take out a small loan, and your bag suffers an injury which makes it basically unwearable. You know the feeling, but do you know all the different types of handbag injuries? So what are the common handbag injuries?

Torn Strap

One of the common handbag injuries is a torn strap or connection piece to the strap. This makes the bag very difficult to use unless it can be used a sachet. But often this spells the end of the handbag unless it is taken to a professional for much needed repairs.

Stretch marks

Sometimes if your handbag is so overloaded, it can actually cause stretch marks on the leather. Similar to skin stretching on people, these stretch marks are unsightly and are often very difficult to repair or hide. So to prevent this happening to your pride and joy, please do not overload your handbag. Only keep in there what you NEED, and not everything you find.


Stains can come from so many sources such as sauces, kids, pens, dirt stains, or pretty much anything else. Be really careful, especially if you have a light colored bag. If you carry lipstick or pens in your bag, be really careful with them. What I do is put them into a little plastic container or bag which will not allow for leakages. Also, don’t just dump your bag on the ground when you get home or to a restaurant, put them somewhere that is clean.


Finally, we have the dreaded tearing. Tearing can occur if your handbag is too overloaded or if you brush up against something sharp. Be mindful of your bags surroundings and don’t walk to close to fencing or even office walls with tacks attached.

There you have it, these things may seem pretty obvious but we still fall in the habit of not following these tips. Be careful with your bag, sometimes a very minor mark of scratch will make the handbag virtually unwearable.