Healthy Meal Options While in Italy


Italy is a nation known throughout the international community for its incredible and delicious food. However, it isn’t a country known to produce the most nutritious and waistline-friendly meals; the land of carb-laden pastas, creamy sauces, and thick cheeses, Italy is more typically recognized for its deliciously un-nutritious favorites. However, eating your way through Italy doesn’t have to do damage to your weight and your well-being. In fact, many meals native to the nation aren’t grossly unhealthy – with fresh tomatoes and other vegetables, light sauces, and natural herbs, Italian food can prove healthy in many cases.

Pick a Different Pasta

When eating Italian, it’s important to know what it is that you’re looking at. Although pasta is a common dish, made of many different noodles and in such varied shapes, not all pasta is equal. It’s the most common food you’ll find throughout the country itself, and if you’re trying to eat healthy, you should consider alternatives that allow you to stay lean while chowing down. Try to eat whole wheat pasta noodles, which are full of fiber, or fregola, a higher protein noodle type. Or, if you’d like to keep the pasta as healthy as possible, opt for farro, a complex carbohydrate with both protein and fiber.

Watch Your Sauce

Alfredo might be the most delicious, the creamiest, and the best choice while in Italy, but that doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Try to avoid any dishes overloaded with sauce, especially if they’re cream-based in their creation. Eat like a true Italian, and pick pastas that feature light, freshly made sauce that packs more nutrients than fat. Creamy sauces are full of calories and cholesterol, so eat them in significantly smaller portions if you do at all. Red sauces are your best health-conscious choice, as they’re typically made from vegetables and herbs with no excess fat.

Eat Dessert Wisely

Who wants to skip dessert when dining in Italy and surrounded by gelato, pastries, and coffee? You don’t have to give up on the sweets entirely while traveling and dining; instead, you can follow the traditional Italian practice of indulging in dessert by carefully choosing what you eat. Gelato is a perfectly acceptable treat that won’t throw you off your diet entirely; it’s made with milk rather than cream or butter, so it’s exceptionally less fatty than ice cream. Or, try sorbetto, an icy dessert treat that’s made from fruit, water, and sugar only. Both of these options are diet-friendly and healthier than many other desserts.