Top Snacks For Traveling


When it is time to hit the road and you think several hours will be allotted for the journey, make sure that you pack the right kind of snacks with you. Go an extra mile – figuratively and literally, that is – in selecting these snacks by stuffing healthy food in your travel pack. Forget junk foods, sodas and candies. Instead, munch and consume something delicious and, at the same time, nutritious which is good for the body.

We have put together a list of the top snacks that you can bring with you when you travel. More importantly, these foods are easy to prepare that you can do on your own. They are light and can be stored without difficulty.

Trail Mixes

Throw in your favorite nuts, dried fruits, cereals, and healthy chips and you get yourself a great mix that you can pack for the journey. Trail mixes are popular among hikers but they can also be good for a road trip. In addition, it is something that the whole family can chomp on.

Granola Bars

Runners, bikers, and racers carry a granola bar or two with them to fill an empty stomach while on a jaunt. You can add some almonds, blueberries and puffed amaranth to your granola, which will give you a gluten-free bar snack that is rich in protein that you can bring with you to fuel you for the trip.

Kale Chips

Kale can give you a boost of energy while it does not bloat your stomach, making it a perfect companion when you’re on the road. You can also get creative with your Kale snacks, like a Kale chip popcorn, for example.

Yogurt and Protein Shakes

If you want something to cool you off while on a trip, have some frozen yogurt or a homemade protein shake to keep you hydrated. Apart from water, you’ll need easy-to-digest food like yogurts and shakes to give you the nutrients you will need for the expedition.

Apple Snacks

Dry some sliced apples in your oven and they’re good to go with you for the next adventure. They’re chewy and good for the tummy. As they say, “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” So why not have some along the way?